KANTAERA® is a cardio workout combining traditional Asian martial arts techniques and simple aerobic elements in a harmonious and smooth way.

It’s a feel-good training that strengthens your cardio-vascular system, muscle endurance and co-ordination.
It is particularly suitable for people who enjoy the fun and easy to do moves from Karate, Taekwondo and Kickboxing.

With 128 BPM, KANTAERA® Training consists of joint-friendly exercises that focus on accuracy and controlled movements as well as the fast, powerful movements of martial arts.

With its smooth transitions and the low strain on the joints, the training course is ideally suited to participants of all ages and beginners.

Who provides KANTAERA®?

Courses of KANTAERA® training are only taught by highly qualified and licensed trainers who have undergone special and intensive training in the KANTAERA® SPORTS ACADEMY.
KANTAERA® is a training concept without licensing fees.

The use of KANTAERA® names and titles requires qualified certification instructors.

KANTAERA® is recognized by all statutory health insurers as a prophylactic course within the scope of “movement to promote cardio-vascular function”. In order to provide quality assurance, your trainers participate in annual courses of further training provided by KANTAERA® SPORTS.

KANTAERA® – founder Sekou Kante – is a professional fitness and martial arts instructor.

Mr. Kante began to learn several martial arts at the early age of 6. He participated in a number of international competitions until he was 25.

Between 1996 and 1999 he worked as a fitness trainer in the USA. In 1999, he moved to Germany working as a freelance fitness trainer and instructor. He holds a number of licenses and provides training in taekwondo (4th Dan), karate and kickboxing. Working as fitness trainer and martial arts instructor over many years, he has acquired wide experience from which his students can benefit.

Since 1999 he has been living in Germany and developed his KANTAERA®-concept, in order to bring together the best of the martial arts and Fitness worlds.

KANTAERA® SPORTS – our company philosophy

KANTAERA® is a young company which is specialized in providing courses of professional health and fitness training and in providing further education for fitness instructors.


As an independent provider of training courses, KANTAERA® SPORTS is offering competent and high-quality courses of further education for KANTAERA® instructors to increase their professional skills.


KANTAERA® SPORTS is an expert provider of health and fitness courses as well as courses of further education for specialist instructors.
In developing our program of KANTAERA® Training, we were able to draw on both our long experience in providing group-based fitness courses as well as on our high standards to create a course of the finest quality.


KANTAERA® is in co-operation with DTB-Academy, AHAB-Academy und Meridian Academy.


KANTAERA® SPORTS started to provide professional further education for fitness instructors.


Founding of KANTAERA® SPORTS : development of innovative group fitness training concept called KANTAERA®