The KANTAERA® BASIC-INSTRUCTOR-EDUCATION is the basis of our education and introduction course for professional KANTAERA® training.
TThe introduction course is provided by KANTAERA® SPORTS AKADEMY in co-operation with our partners DTB, AHAB-Academy und Meridian-Academy.


The one-day advanced course gives you an expanded view and deepened understanding of the KANTAERA® concept. It provides you with advanced knowledge to inspire you and your KANTAERA® courses. This daylong course focuses on advanced step, hit and kick techniques and a variation of dance elements that will upgrade your choreography and lessons.

The completion of the KANTAERA® BASIC-INSTRUCTOR-EDUCATION is a pre-requisite.

Conventions / Workshops / conferences

Get to know the KANTAERA® concept during diverse events and let it inspire you. We look forward to seeing you.

Trend-Tours with DTB 2013

In co-operation with the Deutscher Turnerbund (DTB) we offer Trend-Tours. This is an opportunity to get to know the latest sport trends. This year we are offering the possibility of having a DTB-Trend-Day close to home. Our Trend-Day is running from 10am to 4pm and consists of four 60-75 minutes workshops during which professional presenters introduce 2 new sports concepts. Trainers and sport-excited people are welcome to participate. This workshop day promises a lot of fun and new ideas.